Ethereum (ETH)

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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Civil Not Deterred By Token Sale’s Failure To Meet Soft Cap

Despite significant industry support, Civil was unable to reach its fundraising goals.…

Kenya To Use Blockchain For Fairer, More Cost-Efficient Affordable Housing

There are some missing details, though.

Ethereum Foundation Makes A Splash With Wave 4 Grants

Various individuals and organizations within the Ethereum community have received funds for…

Daily Byte: 10.16.2018

Mumbai crypto scam case hits a wall, Coinbase preps for Brexit, and…

3 hours ago
You run your $ETC block explorer off only donations - why do you do it?
8 hours ago
$ETC-NYC Meetup Next Week! Oct. 23🍏
eth_classic photo
Anthony Lusardi @pyskell
Next $ETC NYC meetup is on 10/23! Come say hi!

Run by the one, the only @antsankov!
9 hours ago
Learn to create on the ETC #blockchain

#ETCLabs Dev Bootcamp Launch Next Week
Oct 27th at @etclabs San Francisco Offices

- $ETC 101
- Smart Contract, Tool Kit review
- Emerald SDK demo by @etcdev
- #BUIDL first #dApp

#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
10 hours ago
"With the pilot successful, the next step is to improve the whole process for the real voting, to take place anytime soon."

Brazilian Fintech Association Successfully Tests Voting System on @OriginalMyCom Powered by $ETC
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
12 hours ago
"Our second full-time US hire is a long time #ETCCommunity member, accomplished software engineer, and ETC Forum creator, Yaz Khoury @Yazanator"

Yaz Khoury Joins @ETCCooperative As Director of Developer Advocacy
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing
16 hours ago
#BlockScout sets a new standard for #blockchain exploration tools by easily verify transactions on ETH, ETC, & POA chains, sidechains, & private chains.

POA Network launches BlockScout: an open-source ETC block explorer
#EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing